India: the shining diamond

Much of South Asia is in conflict and makes an unstable region. We have Afghanistan. We have Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. And Myanmar is not far off.

And right in the middle of these failed states, stands the lone crusader. India has the difficult task of being in this dangerous region and provide governance, voice to people, industrialize fast enough to put at least some of the West behind, lead research, have an open society and developed financial markets… It is a stiff climb and India has been doing all of it (albeit in slightly diluted forms). It is under attack all the time – from within and outside.

Vast majority of Hindus don't thank its government for an act that changed their lives for ever – for the better: Nehru's Hindu reform bill of the late 50s. Probably an equally vast proportion among the Muslims would like to tear the government down if such a thing was done to them. Tribal in central India flirt with Maoist thugs, in rejection of government rule.
India is under attack from outside. Maoists from Nepal, terrorists from Pakistan, Bangladesh, LTTE.

Yet, India's virtues enable it to stand in this turbulent subcontinent. We hate our politicians. But thank God, we don't have anything worse. Their casualness is appalling. But politics being profession, they are quick to retract/amend, they read people's mood. And without a doubt, there is a 'wake-up call' kind of electricity at our power centres. India will respond as one – I have every hope.

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